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Facebook - Disabled account In February (or late January) of 2017 my Facebook account was disabled without any warning or explanation, and my inquiries to Facebook concerning this matter have not been answered, so unfortunately it's not presently possible to contact me or connect with me via Facebook.  I have also reviewed Facebook's policies concerning end-user conduct (as recommended as part of their "appeals" process, which I also attempted), but I have not violated any of their rules (e.g., I haven't posted ellicit content, harassed anyone, or posted anything illegal, etc.).

The official link to my Facebook page (in case you were curious to see what a disabled Facebook account looks like) is:  https://www.facebook.com/randolf.c.richardson

At this point I won't be creating another Facebook account, not only because it's time-consuming, but also because I don't know what Facebook's reason is for disabling my account, which leaves me with having to assume that any new account I create will also be disabled.

For other methods of contacting me, you can follow this link.

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